Tuesday 21 July 2009

Summer time...

Hi guys... Its now July and we have had a few hot days here in Blackpool, England... Me and my brother Marshall really enjoy lying in the sun although mummy makes us go in the shade after a while- she says we will get too hot.... We always steal Nannies sunbed!!

Me and Marshall have enjoyed having some ice lollies to keep us cool in the garden- we love jubblies the best!!
Here we are sharing a Jubbly...

And then taking turns...

Franklins turn...

Lots more has happened this month-Marshall has had the dreaded op (castration) and he has had his first and second rabies inoculations for his pet passport- I already have mine. Marshall is back at the vets in 2 weeks for his blood tests. We are such different characters Mummy says- I am a big softy and Marshall is a cheeky monkey who thinks he can do whatever he wants! Mummy says she loves how were total opposites and she loves us both the same :)

Also this month we had some professional photographs taken...
Nannie has had all sorts made of me and Marshall this time - a huge canvas and mounted photos, mugs, coasters and even keyrings! Here are the pics for you all to see-

Marshall posing...

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Brotherly Love!

Hi guys, well i have a new Puggle Brother 'Marshall' and he has settled in just fine. I think at first he thought i was his Mummy (silly little puppy) but i think he realises now were brothers - and best friends... although we spend more time playfighting than anything else.

At nights we sleep together and share a bed (sometimes mummy's, or nannies) and during the day we keep each other occupied by playing!

We even went on our holidays to stay in Leeds with Charlotte and her family... She has two dogs and we had so much fun playing with them in the woods and on the fields
Theyre our best friends...

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Hello all my doggy pals... its been forever aint it- im sorry!!!!! No excuses except busy busy busy..
Since I las checked in with you all lots has happend- lots good but some bad... unfortunately my catty brother Mister has gone to catty heaven... he was knocked over and taken into the RSPCA.. R.I.P my catty brother... :(

On the positive side of things I now have completed all my vaccinations and have my very own 'pet passport' im gonna be using this to go visit my Nanny and Grandad in Spain. I will be going over in the Winter for the first time- really can't wait!!!

On April 1st it was my birthday-i turned 1! (Mummy can't believe how quick this has come around...) and i got lots of lovely presents from mummy, nanny & grandad and Auntie Maz...
Im told that I get more beautiful by the day- and to be honest I do- take a look at these photos taken just before my birthday...

I also have some VERY exciting news.... due to the fact (yes fact...) that Mummy (and everyone else who knows me) LOVES me she has decided that Im to become a BIG BROTHER.... Yes... Mummy is going to collect my new baby puggle brother - 'Marshall' on Wed 15th April... he and I will have the same Pug daddy but different Beagle mummy.. We have everything ready for the new arrival and we can NOT wait!!!!
Here are a couple of pics of him...

Anyway I will make sure Mummy updates this once we have our new puggle member home and share some more pics with you all...
Franklin Puggle x

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone...!

I would just like to wish all 'HAPPY HOLIDAYS'
Hope you all have lots of fun and Santa PAWS brings you all everything you want!!

Puggle snuggles Franklin xx

Wednesday 19 November 2008


Hi guys...
Lots has happened this month so instead of ranting on Mummy has decided to just post pics with captions-

Enjoy my Oct/Nov pics

Franklin Puggle xx

I passed my puppy foundation class and was rewarded with a certificate and rosette..

I indulged in my very first ham shank as a treat for being such a clever boy!

It was soooo yummy and has hit my #1 in 'favourite treats'!!

Its getting cold here in Blackpool now so I sometimes have to wear my new clothes when I go out- I love my roll neck jumper!!


Here I am having fun off my lead on the beach...

We took a trip to Ingleton waterfalls one day- it was a long walk- 5 miles and took us over 4hours coz we stopped with our dinner but it was a lovely day...

This next picture is unfortunately the last picture of me with my man bits- I have since had my castration and although I was very sore I was a very brave boy and have since made a full recovery!!

After the hour journey home I had to take a bath coz i was stinking- Here I am playing with my bath toys!!

Here I am on Mummy's bed on the evening following my operation- I felt very sorry for myself but was a big brave boy!!

Will post some more updates soon- take care guys -


Wednesday 8 October 2008

My new puggle pal Tia...

Sorry it has been sooooo long again- Mummy has broken her phone which was how she posted the pics of me so no phone = no updates...!

This week she has got another phone to use and just had to let you all know about my latest adventure...

I have met another puggle...!

Last week mummy took me to meet Tia the Puggle.. It was planned as Mummy got in touch with Tia's mum and they arranged aplay date for us!!
I have never had so much fun!! We hit it off from the start and I spend the whole time following Tia around and chasing her!
I even followed her into the water and had a little swim!!

Mummy couldnt believe how alike we were- although Tia is more pug like physically our stance and personalities are identical by the stories I heard being exchanged!!

I am meeting Tia again this week and I really cant wait- wew gonna make it a regular thing and next time we will hopefully have some better photos!!

Here we are for the time being though!!

Saturday 26 July 2008

Me and my cousin Oke...

Today was such an exciting day for me-I met my cousin Oke for the first time, and not only that... I was allowed off my lead to have a run and play with him.

Oke is a beautiful German Shepherd and lives with Uncle Tony, Auntie Kerry and my human cousins Callum & Kaya.
Here he is...

This was the the first time I was allowed off my lead so Mummy was a little nervous but took some lovely ham for me so she knew I wouldnt go very far- Here she is bribing me to sit with some delicious hammy ham ham!

Even though Oke is a huge giant compared to little old me I wasn't afraid at all..

Here we are posing for our picture ... CHEESE!

I had such a fantastic time running and chasing Oke although I think I started to annoy him a little coz I just couldnt leave his side!!

What a great day-I love my big cousin and hope we go out together again soon!