Friday, 6 June 2008

The great outdoors!

Today I was allowed to have a wander into the garden!

I spent some time in the patio but I wouldn't stop trying to eat all the stones so I was then taken to the grass...

I absolutely loved running around in the grass- it was soooo much fun and all the new smells were making my nose go crazy!!

After about 15 mins I was taken back into the house because I couln't stop eating the grass and mummy didn't want me to have an upset tummy!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Just to let everybody know, I am now featured on - Its a great website with lots of news, pics and info about us Puggles. Take a look, go on!!

A terrifying trip....

This evening was a very scary experience... Mummy Rach took me in the car on a trip.

Usually on these car 'trips' we end up at nanny's house and have fun playing and sometimes I even have a sleepover- not this time though!

Nanny joined us in the car which straight away made me realise that this was no ordinary trip, oh no... this was my first trip to the VETS!

When we arrived the lady receptionist seemed to fall in love with me and spent the next 5 minutes totally ignoring the poor staffy which had just joined us in the waiting room.

Next thing, a lady in a funny blue suit (thought she was wearing my hoodie for a minute...) appeared and called my name. I have met rather alot of people since my big move to Blackpool- but she really did not look familiar, how did she know my name???

Mummy Rach picked me up and we followed the lady into a room. I was feeling quite anxious by this point and made it clear to all I was not too pleased with my surroundings!

To tell you guys the truth she was a very nice lady and seemed to really take a liking to me. In fact she liked me that much that she disappeared for a sec and when she came back she was clutching her camera!!

Mummy Rach then spent the next few minutes trying her best to make me smile for the camera- the vet lady had said I was such a cute puppy she wanted to take my photo- and who was I to argue with a statement like that?!!

After the fussing and photo shoot came the nasty part of the trip. I had my sharp, very sharp claws trimmed, a thermometer up my bum and a needle (my 1st vaccination) in my neck...

Needless to say I was not a happy puppy and was relieved to arrive home and collapse on the couch for a puggle snuggle with Mummy!

One thing that has worried me though is hearing mummy arrange another appointment for two weeks time - surely not???!!!

Here I am with Mummy Rach outside my vets after my visit