Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My new puggle pal Tia...

Sorry it has been sooooo long again- Mummy has broken her phone which was how she posted the pics of me so no phone = no updates...!

This week she has got another phone to use and just had to let you all know about my latest adventure...

I have met another puggle...!

Last week mummy took me to meet Tia the Puggle.. It was planned as Mummy got in touch with Tia's mum and they arranged aplay date for us!!
I have never had so much fun!! We hit it off from the start and I spend the whole time following Tia around and chasing her!
I even followed her into the water and had a little swim!!

Mummy couldnt believe how alike we were- although Tia is more pug like physically our stance and personalities are identical by the stories I heard being exchanged!!

I am meeting Tia again this week and I really cant wait- wew gonna make it a regular thing and next time we will hopefully have some better photos!!

Here we are for the time being though!!