Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone...!

I would just like to wish all 'HAPPY HOLIDAYS'
Hope you all have lots of fun and Santa PAWS brings you all everything you want!!

Puggle snuggles Franklin xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hi guys...
Lots has happened this month so instead of ranting on Mummy has decided to just post pics with captions-

Enjoy my Oct/Nov pics

Franklin Puggle xx

I passed my puppy foundation class and was rewarded with a certificate and rosette..

I indulged in my very first ham shank as a treat for being such a clever boy!

It was soooo yummy and has hit my #1 in 'favourite treats'!!

Its getting cold here in Blackpool now so I sometimes have to wear my new clothes when I go out- I love my roll neck jumper!!


Here I am having fun off my lead on the beach...

We took a trip to Ingleton waterfalls one day- it was a long walk- 5 miles and took us over 4hours coz we stopped with our dinner but it was a lovely day...

This next picture is unfortunately the last picture of me with my man bits- I have since had my castration and although I was very sore I was a very brave boy and have since made a full recovery!!

After the hour journey home I had to take a bath coz i was stinking- Here I am playing with my bath toys!!

Here I am on Mummy's bed on the evening following my operation- I felt very sorry for myself but was a big brave boy!!

Will post some more updates soon- take care guys -


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My new puggle pal Tia...

Sorry it has been sooooo long again- Mummy has broken her phone which was how she posted the pics of me so no phone = no updates...!

This week she has got another phone to use and just had to let you all know about my latest adventure...

I have met another puggle...!

Last week mummy took me to meet Tia the Puggle.. It was planned as Mummy got in touch with Tia's mum and they arranged aplay date for us!!
I have never had so much fun!! We hit it off from the start and I spend the whole time following Tia around and chasing her!
I even followed her into the water and had a little swim!!

Mummy couldnt believe how alike we were- although Tia is more pug like physically our stance and personalities are identical by the stories I heard being exchanged!!

I am meeting Tia again this week and I really cant wait- wew gonna make it a regular thing and next time we will hopefully have some better photos!!

Here we are for the time being though!!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Me and my cousin Oke...

Today was such an exciting day for me-I met my cousin Oke for the first time, and not only that... I was allowed off my lead to have a run and play with him.

Oke is a beautiful German Shepherd and lives with Uncle Tony, Auntie Kerry and my human cousins Callum & Kaya.
Here he is...

This was the the first time I was allowed off my lead so Mummy was a little nervous but took some lovely ham for me so she knew I wouldnt go very far- Here she is bribing me to sit with some delicious hammy ham ham!

Even though Oke is a huge giant compared to little old me I wasn't afraid at all..

Here we are posing for our picture ... CHEESE!

I had such a fantastic time running and chasing Oke although I think I started to annoy him a little coz I just couldnt leave his side!!

What a great day-I love my big cousin and hope we go out together again soon!

Guy's court visit

Thankfully Mummy Rach has managed to get the photos from Guy's Court on the computer- with a bit of help from uncle Tony!

I loved my walk by the canal and couldnt help myself from shouting at the ducks- they were teasing me as they knew I didnt have the bottle to get in the water and catch them!!

There were lots of boats at the canal with some very interesting names-I didnt realise I had my own barge but here I am with what seems to be my very own!!

Friday, 25 July 2008

My new pics...

Hi all.. Ive had such a great week, not only have I been on the beach for the 1st time (and 2nd) but I had my first proper play with another dog called Summer. She was a Lab X Collie and Mummy Rach took lots of great photos.

Unfortunately she has gone and got the memory card (with these pics on) STUCK in the computer and so I cant show you all but hopefully Grandad is gonna sort it so watch this space!!

Ive also been to 'Guys court' where there is a pub and canal to walk down, past all the boats and lots of other dogs and ducks!
While we were there a kind man called Peter offered to take some pictures of me, he said I had an 'irresistable face' and snapped away, thought I should share a couple of them with you just so you can all see how big i'm getting!!

Thanks again to Peter for sending us all the photos he took!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Its me in a museum!

Modern Art Museum
Museum by dumpr.net

Photo shoot

Yesterday I was taken for a photo shoot...
It took me a while to relax because all the toys the photographer had seemed to scare me and I wouldn't settle! Fortunately he had some treats to distract me and this did the trick- How cute am I??!?!

Friday, 6 June 2008

The great outdoors!

Today I was allowed to have a wander into the garden!

I spent some time in the patio but I wouldn't stop trying to eat all the stones so I was then taken to the grass...

I absolutely loved running around in the grass- it was soooo much fun and all the new smells were making my nose go crazy!!

After about 15 mins I was taken back into the house because I couln't stop eating the grass and mummy didn't want me to have an upset tummy!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Just to let everybody know, I am now featured on http://www.pugglelove.co.uk/ - Its a great website with lots of news, pics and info about us Puggles. Take a look, go on!!

A terrifying trip....

This evening was a very scary experience... Mummy Rach took me in the car on a trip.

Usually on these car 'trips' we end up at nanny's house and have fun playing and sometimes I even have a sleepover- not this time though!

Nanny joined us in the car which straight away made me realise that this was no ordinary trip, oh no... this was my first trip to the VETS!

When we arrived the lady receptionist seemed to fall in love with me and spent the next 5 minutes totally ignoring the poor staffy which had just joined us in the waiting room.

Next thing, a lady in a funny blue suit (thought she was wearing my hoodie for a minute...) appeared and called my name. I have met rather alot of people since my big move to Blackpool- but she really did not look familiar, how did she know my name???

Mummy Rach picked me up and we followed the lady into a room. I was feeling quite anxious by this point and made it clear to all I was not too pleased with my surroundings!

To tell you guys the truth she was a very nice lady and seemed to really take a liking to me. In fact she liked me that much that she disappeared for a sec and when she came back she was clutching her camera!!

Mummy Rach then spent the next few minutes trying her best to make me smile for the camera- the vet lady had said I was such a cute puppy she wanted to take my photo- and who was I to argue with a statement like that?!!

After the fussing and photo shoot came the nasty part of the trip. I had my sharp, very sharp claws trimmed, a thermometer up my bum and a needle (my 1st vaccination) in my neck...

Needless to say I was not a happy puppy and was relieved to arrive home and collapse on the couch for a puggle snuggle with Mummy!

One thing that has worried me though is hearing mummy arrange another appointment for two weeks time - surely not???!!!

Here I am with Mummy Rach outside my vets after my visit

Saturday, 31 May 2008

My first hoodie!

This morning I woke up, had a drink, had my breakfast and..... got dressed!!!

Friday, 30 May 2008


As I'm still only 8 weeks old I'm spending alot of my time sleeping. Apparently I have been choosing some very strange positions to do this in... Unfortunately these have been caught on camera- Thanks mummy!!

Can you believe I'm actually asleep here?!

And here...!

I also do 'CUTE' extremely well!

Im wearing my new collar on this one- Nanny has bought it me today along with a matching lead I love it- Thanks nanny!

Monday, 26 May 2008

My new PLAY PEN!

Today I was left in my new play pen for the first time!
I had spent a few days wandering in and out of it while getting used to it and was quite happy playing with my toys in there, and chewing the side - as long as the door was open!

Then something very scary happened... Mummy locked the door of the play pen and disappeared out of sight...At first mummy was really upset leaving me as she said she could hear me crying like a baby from the kitchen but after a while I settled down and was pleased with having Mr.Man and chicken for company!
When she got back I was fast asleep...

Sunday, 25 May 2008

My first sleepover!

Last night I had my very first sleep over at my nannys house..

Mummy packed my bags and off I went... Woo Hoo- I was very excited!

I got lots of attention and loved playing with nanny and grandad- they are great fun!

This is me with nanny!

Nanny had set my mummy's old room up for me with my bed and all my toys (and my toilet area of course!) However I decided to spend most of the night on a very comfy quilt that just so happened to be in the bedroom also, - here I am playing on it!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Today I left my mummy, brothers and sisters to start my new life in Blackpool. I had to endure a very very long drive back to Blackpool from Wales, where I was born and spent the first 7 1/2 weeks of my life.

Here I am with my brothers- (Im the far left)

I was very nervous at first in the car as i'd never been in one before but after about 10 minutes I was absolutley fine- I'm a brave little Puggle you know...
We stopped off at the services for some food and drink-
Here I am having my dinner in the car ---- yum yum!!

I spent the journey sleeping for most the time and enjoying cuddles off everyone! I arrived home in Blackpool just after tea and was introduced to my new catty brother Mister. He is very big compared to me but I think were going to get on great- or at least I hope so!!

I have now settled into my house really well and love all of my toys, especially tug toy!
Here I am sleeping with all of my toys.