Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hi guys...
Lots has happened this month so instead of ranting on Mummy has decided to just post pics with captions-

Enjoy my Oct/Nov pics

Franklin Puggle xx

I passed my puppy foundation class and was rewarded with a certificate and rosette..

I indulged in my very first ham shank as a treat for being such a clever boy!

It was soooo yummy and has hit my #1 in 'favourite treats'!!

Its getting cold here in Blackpool now so I sometimes have to wear my new clothes when I go out- I love my roll neck jumper!!


Here I am having fun off my lead on the beach...

We took a trip to Ingleton waterfalls one day- it was a long walk- 5 miles and took us over 4hours coz we stopped with our dinner but it was a lovely day...

This next picture is unfortunately the last picture of me with my man bits- I have since had my castration and although I was very sore I was a very brave boy and have since made a full recovery!!

After the hour journey home I had to take a bath coz i was stinking- Here I am playing with my bath toys!!

Here I am on Mummy's bed on the evening following my operation- I felt very sorry for myself but was a big brave boy!!

Will post some more updates soon- take care guys -



Eduardo said...

Thats some great photos! Franklin your a very handsome puggle!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Clover said...

Hi Franklin!
Thanks for the updates. It sounds like you have really been keeping busy! I love your bath picture. :)
And so glad you are all recovered from your surgery!
Love Clover xo

River said...

You look so grown up now! Thanks for sharing your hike. That looked like a beautiful trip. It's getting cold here in Georgia, too, but I don't have a sweater!

love & wags,

Jen and Duke said...

The bathtub picture is priceless.

Bruschi said...

Hi Franklin! Boy, no wonder you haven't been have been BUSY! Nice to see you doing so many fun things! I love your rubber duckies! Sorry to hear about the loss of your "man bits".....we've all been there. Soon enough, you won't even realize they were ever there!

Hugs, Bruschi

CoCo said...

Hi Franklin,

You look so handsome in all your pics! Sorry to hear about your "man bits" being taken! I'm glad you are fully recovered! Best wishes to you this holiday season!